The main goal of this event is to uncover capabilities of the “new and innovative clean technologies” for reducing/eliminating different forms of waste from economic development activities. More specifically, demonstrating significance of using innovative technologies to improve energy efficiency, promote sustainable use of resources, and design of sustainable manufacturing systems. It primarily aims to demonstrate how new and innovative clean technologies could be used to promote sustainable use of energy, reduction in carbon footprints of the buildings, industrial manufacturing processes, and service industries. Research aspects suggesting innovative environmental policy instrument designs and/or pioneering financial models that could promote design of energy-efficient and carbon-neutral products/processes/technologies are also of special interest.

ICPPCT mainly focuses on:

  • Pollution prevention and control strategies;
  • Clean production strategies;
  • Waste management;
  • Environmental management systems;
  • Multi-criterion decision-making models for sustainability;
  • Sustainable environmental management system (SEMS) designs;
  • Industrial inclusion of cleaner production programs;
  • Environmental economics; cost valuation;
  • Climate change management